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Truckloads Wholesale

Wholesale Truckloads, Liquidation Furniture, Surplus Electronics,
Overstock Clothing, Liquidation Overstock Truckloads,
Wholesale Clothes, Discount Electronics, Surplus Products & More!

Wholesale Liquidation Furniture Truckloads, Surplus Electronics Truckloads, Overstock Clothing Pallet Loads, Liquidation Overstock Truckloads, Wholesale Liquidation Furniture, Wholesale Electronics, Wholesale Clothes, Surplus wholesale pallets, liquidation truckloads, wholesale electronics, wholesale furniture, liquidation furniture, wholesale clothing, wholesale jewelry, wholesale liquidation general merchandise 247Wholesale carries Wholesale Truckloads of department store overstocks, returns and salvage loads from a wide variety of department stores. If you don't see it listed, give us a call at 1-877-247-Wholesale (9465)

Please note that items in this category (pallets & truckloads) are DEPARTMENT STORE RETURNS, Unless otherwise specified and All products are sold AS-IS. Seller makes no guarantee or warranty, express or implied and without limitations, of merchandise fitness or marketability.

Please DO NOT purchase these type of products/goods if you are not familiar with these type of Wholesale Truckloads or the department store return industry!!

Product Image Item Name- Price

7th Ave General Merchandise / Housewares Load

Wholesale Liquidation Seventh Ave General Merchandise / Houseware Truckload. These are non-furniture loads and most items are in their original...

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Awesome Value

7th Ave Wholesale Furniture Truckload Liquidation Seventh

Wholesale Liquidation Seventh Ave Furniture Truckload / 7th ave These loads offer an assortment of Furniture and decor such as cribs, vanities,...

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Pick Your Load

Amazon .com Unprocessed Wholesale Loads - You Pick

Wholesale Amazon Pallet Loads. Will See Items Such as Toys, Sporting, Lawn & Garden, Mobile, Musical Instruments, PC, Luggage, Kitchen, Home...

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100k Minimum Value

Amazon .com Wholesale 100k New Product Loads

Wholesale Amazon Pallet Lots. Will See Items Such as Toys, Sporting, Clothing, Mobile, PC related, Kitchen, Electronics, Automotive & More!...

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Wholesale Baby Loads

Baby Products Load - Wholesale Kohls Baby

Wholesale Kohls Baby Loads. These are assorted baby product loads with items like Swings, High Chairs, Cribs, Pack n Plays, Clothing, etc. Will see a...


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Electronics Galore!

Best Buy Electronics Truckload - MUST SEE 425+ Value

Awesome New Electronics Load...These loads are a great mix of product from a variety of stores like Best Buy, BJ's, Office Depot, etc. A percentage...

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Target MOS Wholesale Clothes

Brand New Wholesale Clothing Pallet TGT

New Target Department Store Wholesale Apparel - Clothing is all brand new with hang tags. MOS Clothing is Marked Out of Stock / Overstock Closeouts,...

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Units:  3000
Wholesale Sears Kmart Clothing Pallets

Branded & Non-Branded Wholesale Clothing KMT SRS $2.50

Wholesale Sears / Kmart Clothing. These apparel pallets offer a wide variety of items such as Shirts, Jackets, Jeans, Dresses, Blouses, Shorts,...

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Units:  3000

Coaster Furniture Truckload - JUST IN

Coaster Furniture Truckload This is a hand stacked load of furniture. You name it, you just might see it. Beautiful loads at an awesome price. Dont...

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Costco Wholesale Surplus Truckloads

Wholesale Costco Truckloads. Clean Returns. You name it, you can see it. Housewares, Sporting, Domestics, Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry, Computers,...


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New Products For August - Truckloads Wholesale

Wholesale Dollar Store Truckload Truck load of dollar store / flea market merchandise. Awesome Loads ...you just can't loose. Gift items, toys, cosmetics, general merchandise, kitchen,...

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Bulk Grade "A" Used Wholesale Shoes, Used Sneakers, Used Athletics & Used Boots ...Perfect for export. Wholesale Premium Used Shoes and Sneakers NO GARBAGE as...
New Target Department Store Wholesale Apparel - Clothing is all brand new with hang tags. MOS Clothing is Marked Out of Stock / Overstock Closeouts, majority will have hang tags attached....

Wholesale Amazon Pallet Lots. Will See Items Such as Toys, Sporting, Clothing, Mobile, PC related, Kitchen, Electronics, Automotive & More! Majority is smaller items easy to ship for...

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NO RETURNS, EXCHANGES OR CREDIT. ALL ORDERS MUST BE-PAID BEFORE SHIPPING. Please read terms and conditions no warranties expressed or implied. 247Wholesale does not guarantee that products are merchantable or fit for any particular purpose. Free shipping and shipping included is intended for shipping within the USA ,Hawaii and Alaska excluded also Shipping and International duties do not apply. 247Wholesale sells liquidation, surplus, overstock, distressed off-price merchandise. ALL sales are final. All wholesale products sold “AS IS".

All product on the 247Wholesales website, ie Sneakers, Shoes, Designer Clothing, Jeans, etc. are all "Guaranteed Authentic" and all product is located in the USA and purchased direct. The 247Wholesale site does not import from China.